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Originally intended as a basic framework I need for my Master's project (a part of which deals with storing and retrieving complex sets of information from RFID tagged vessels), I decided to publish it, since it grew quickly and now seems to be more useable and flexible than most examples of using an SM130 with Arduino I could find online.

This Project aims at a full Integration between Arduino and the SM130 RFID module (

Currently, it is being tested using the according Sparkfun Evaluation shield ( and RFID stickers using an NTAG203 chip.

I am not the most experienced programmer by far, so the code might be messy. So far, it seems to be working a lot better than most SM130 example codes I could find.

Currently working features are:
  • full command keyword list (use mnemonics instead of hex codes)
  • Identify Tag Types and read their Serial Number
  • Check SM130 response integrity
  • Remove overhead from transmitted data
  • Read Tag memory, and append multiple blocks to buffer arrays
  • Send any command, with and without payload data
  • Delete (overwrite with 0) single or all 4-byte blocks on Mifare Ultralight

Writing Datasets is in Progress.

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